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we can offer artwork design and engineering services, and different bottle shapes and printing designs can be customized as per your request.

  • Material:     Tinplate
  • Capacity:     From 150ml to 850ml
  • Mouth:         25.4mm
  • Coating:       Food grade epoxy resin
  • Printing:      Offset printing,1-9 colors

Why we use tinplate aerosol can?

  • The lightlessness of the tinplate, as well as the tin on the iron, will interact with the oxygen remaining in the iron box when filling, which reduces the possibility of oxidation for the packaging contents and is essential for its preservation; 
  • The metal ductility of tinplate is good so that the more complex can achieve high precision and high-speed production. And good stiffness, so that the produced iron box can withstand collision, vibration, and stacking, easy to transport and store; 
  • Easy to recycle, can be recycled, tinplate environmental protection is also better than plastic, paper packaging
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We have proven techniques to ensure the safety of aerosol cans for special markets requirements.

  • As for the mouth of the aerosol cans, we can make the secondary machining on the curl, to makeit more flat than usual design, it can enhance the tightness matching with the valve.
  • For  oxygen cans, it will require much higher pressure. The thickness is .3-0.5 mm for normal aluminum aerosol cans, and the deformation pressure is 14-18 bars, we can make the aerosol can in wall thickness 0.6 mm to improve the deformation pressure to be 25-32 bars, which can be widely used for oxygen and fire extinguisher.

The usage of tinplate aerosol cans


Tin aerosol can

  • Height: 100mm-300mm
  • Diameter: ¢45¢52¢57¢60¢65¢70¢73¢80mm neck straight and other specifications of the pot, to meet the different requirements of customers and individual needs.


Tinplate aerosol cans are widely used in insecticide, air freshener, deicer, household hygiene leather care, spray paint, spray glue, ribbon, perfume, caulk, car care, gas, shaving foam, hair spray, Refrigerant, oxygen and construction, fire protection and health care and other aerosol product packaging.



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