Design Service :

we can offer artwork design and engineering services, in different sizes and shapes of the tube, and printing design services can be customized as per your request.

  • MOQ:                 5000pcs
  • Material:            Tinplate
  • Logo printing:   Silk screen/heat transfer/hot stampingCertification: FDA approval/ CRP/EU standard  

Cigar and pre roll joint are a form of enjoyment that elevates the spirit of human being.

But storing and traveling with them can be a challenge.EBl aluminum case offer the perfect solution by providing superior protection, portability, discretion, and freshness.

The Features of aluminum case :

– Maintain Optimal Freshness.

– Smell Proof

– Child Resistant.

– Easy to carry

– Safety protect Pre roll or cigar not Break


Most important is that our case can be designed with child resistant caps, this can avoid children to openit. Especially for some special purpose material, child proof package is a must.


Based on different usage and purpose, we can offer the aluminum tubes in different types, such as 2 pieces or 3 pieces, the head in round or bullet shapes, and the caps with screw or push down design. Different sizes and printing can also be offered upon your request.

our aluminum case can be used in many different markets, such as cigar, cannabis, spices, candy and so on.

Our R&D team are able to design and develop different shapes and functions according to customer requirements to differentiate their products on the shelf.

Aluminum tubes are 100% infinitely recyclable, this can help your brands to be more social responsible and good to our earth.


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