Sustainable packaging solutions: More eco & Less waste

On February 24, 2020, after more than a month of home isolation, every employee of EBI arrived safely at the company.

When we back to office, the company prepared two special events for everyone.The first is food sharing. Every EBI employee brings his favorite food to share with everyone.

After eating, we started to distribute new year bonus. Everyone was very happy.

Our factory is also starting to resume work and production in an orderly manner to meet customer order requirements. The factory strictly abides by the sanitation and safety measures to ensure the health of the production staff, so don’t worry about the virus problem, place an order for us.

Well, on the first day of this hard year, I wish you all good health by 2020.

EBI is a professional manufacturer of Eco friendly packaging for food & beverage, cosmetic, essential oils, pharmaceutical, household and industrial products.

Our aluminum packaging is made of 99.7% pure aluminum which makes it eco-friendly, recyclable, portable and light weight. We offer the widest range of aluminum package (Diameters, heights, shoulders and shapes), capacity is available from 10ml to 1000ml or even larger.

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Post time: Mar-27-2020