The main development trend of the pharmaceutical packaging industry: intelligent upgrade, centralized integration

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Although pharmaceutical packaging may seem simple, it has a major bearing on the quality and safety of medicines. It can protect medicines from environmental influences during storage and use, maintain the original properties of medicines, and also have moisture-proof functions to protect the quality and safety of medicines. Therefore, from the dry humidity and cleanliness parameters in the production process of pharmaceutical packaging, to the electronic supervision code on the packaging, every link puts forward high requirements on pharmaceutical packaging manufacturers. In recent years, as the level of public consumption has increased and the market demand for pharmaceutical products has expanded, the pharmaceutical packaging industry has also shown a trend of steady growth year by year.

Industry concentration will continue to increase

Medical packaging can be divided into outer packaging and inner packaging. Among them, the pharmaceutical packaging market is relatively fragmented. With the development of the downstream pharmaceutical industry and the gradual relocation of production bases by foreign pharmaceutical companies to China, the domestic pharmaceutical packaging industry will develop rapidly, and the scale of the industry is expected to expand.

However, due to the large number of companies in the industry, the concentration of the pharmaceutical packaging market is low. With the advancement of generic drug consistency evaluation, the upgrade of environmental protection measures, and the rise of downstream paper prices, industry concentration is expected to continue to increase. The industry believes that, in this context, leading companies with large-scale and specialized production capabilities are expected to benefit. It is understood that in recent years, the market share of leading companies in the pharmaceutical market and pharmaceutical outsourcing market has increased.

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The main development trend of the industry in the future

Under the current background, the supply chain of the pharmaceutical packaging industry mainly has the problems of low concentration and scattered demand. Related companies urgently need to seek new paths for transformation and breakthrough. Some people in the industry pointed out that intelligent upgrading and centralized integration will become the main development trend of the packaging industry in the next few years.

In terms of intelligent upgrades, with the rapid development of the Internet, informatization, and automation technology, the medical packaging machine equipment upstream of medical packaging is being upgraded in the direction of automation and intelligence. In this context, the pharmaceutical packaging industry urgently needs to follow the development trend of the upstream field and move towards intelligence.

It is reported that a leading company in the packaging industry took the industry supply chain management as the entry point, and established a supply chain management platform to integrate the upstream and downstream resources of the industry by acquiring a company serving a supply chain platform for the printing and packaging industry covering information flow, logistics, and capital flow.

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The company said that by establishing a supply chain management platform, on the one hand, it can increase customer stickiness and expand its market share in the fields of medicine and fast-moving consumer goods. On the other hand, the company has rich industry experience and can provide customers with more value-added services based on the supply chain platform. It is reported that as of the end of 2019, the company has nearly 1,000 cooperative pharmaceutical companies in the field of outsourcing, and has produced more than 12,000 varieties of pharmaceutical packaging boxes for customers.

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In terms of centralized integration, industry experts pointed out that the increase in industry concentration will be the only way for the development of China’s pharmaceutical packaging market, and the industry will move towards standards and norms.

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It is foreseeable that as downstream pharmaceutical companies have higher and higher requirements for the safety and reliability of packaging materials, some small-scale, technologically backward companies with management problems may be eliminated and integrated, and industry concentration will further increase, and production capacity With the continuous optimization of the structure, the enterprises in the industry will further move toward scale and specialization, and at the same time continue to grow bigger and stronger, and continue to develop in the direction of internationalization.

Post time: Jun-05-2021