Before this. I would like to introduce the history of the cigar tube.


The appearance of aluminum cigar tubes has something to do with cigar sellers in the UK. There is a company called J. Frankau & in Scotland. This company was one of the pioneers in the creation of Hunters & Frankau (now Habanos’ agent in the UK).

This is called J. Frankau & Co. Ltd has the distribution rights of Cuban Upman, but the owner of the company changed several times.In 1930, the company’s president was called Waldo. In 1932, Waldo decided to expand the Havana cigar trade. This required something that could guarantee the condition of the cigar and protect the cigar when selling cigars. This was not easy at the time, because the cigars from Cuba to Europe had to go through bumps.

Later he discovered that a process called impact extrusion, using aluminum, can produce containers suitable for cigars at a reasonable price. However, many people thought that traditional Havana cigars would not buy cigars in metal aluminum. As a result, Waldo set out to design and apply for a patent for his aluminum tube, known as Solo-Seel, and he paid for all the development costs.

It was tested on Upman cigars in September 1933. The results of the test were excellent and accepted by many traditional cigar consumers. Afterwards, Upman bought the five-year patent right to use Waldo cigar aluminum tubes and gave him a down payment of £200 and a half-penny royalty for each aluminum tube. One year later, the sales growth of this aluminum tube cigar was extremely alarming, and this cigar aluminum tube expanded to other cigar brands.

Today, cannabis is legal in some country, and it getting hot and hot. Pre roll’s selling getting high. But there is a problem–how to protect the cannabis pre roll? Other supplier suggest plastic tube or glass tube, but we are different, we suggest our clients use aluminum tube for their cannabis pre roll.

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1, The aluminum tube material can be recyclable.

2, Easy to carry

3, Uneasy to broken

How many types of the aluminum cigar tube do we have?

We have 4 different types. 3sets tube; 2sets tube; screw tube; child resistant proof tube(CRP tube)

How many size do you have?

3sets tube: D21mm; D23mm; D25mm

2sets tube: D24mm

Screw tube: D15mm; D16mm; D17.5mm; D19mm; D20mm; D20.5mm; D21mm; D22mm; D23mm; D24mm; D25mm; D26mm

Child resistant proof tube(CRP tube): D17.5mm; D20mm

Do you have any special shape?

Bullet shape, the real army style.

All tubes’ diameter are fixed, but length could be change. Or if you have an new idea to make a new size. It’s acceptable. We have professional team could help you solve the design problem and help you rebuild your tube.

Usage of the aluminum tube?

For cigar, CBD cartridge, cannabis pre roll joint cone, candy, chocolate, effervescent tablets; pill; tea etc

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If you are interested in aluminum tube packaging, make a call or email to us.


Post time: Oct-30-2020