How to keep a natural nasal inhaler on your hand ? —–Just send enquiry to EBI.

Above item is the New Arrival, Bamboo Nasal Inhaler.  Natural bamboo, not chemically treated.

* Item: PA054
* Material: Bamboo inhaler
* Inhaler size: 19*74mm
* Cotton wick: 6.5*38mm
* Weight: 11.5g
* Logo: Laser or silkscreen
* MOQ: 1000pcs
* Pack data: 500pcs/CTN, 35*24*21cm, 6.5kgs.

Creating a space in your home where you can focus on relaxing and unwinding is a great way to practice mindfulness and enjoy the benefits of daily meditation practice. But what happens when stress and anxiety begin to creep up when you’re not at home? How can you center yourself and find some quiet when your surroundings aren’t ideal for creating peace inside yourself? For these times, we recommend an aromatherapy inhaler.

An aromatherapy inhaler is a small device that, at first glance, looks like a stick of lip balm. Inside the plastic tube is a cotton wick that has been soaked in essential oils. Using the inhaler is simple. Remove the lid and hold the exposed section of the inhaler to your nose and inhale, instantly receiving the calming benefits of essential oils.

Send enquiry to EBI to get your own mini aromatherapy inhaler, Enjoy relaxing for a while when outside.

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Post time: Nov-05-2020