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  • Replaceable Snap Bottle

    Replaceable Snap Bottle

    Plastic is a raw material that humans love but hate. Love its cheap, high moldability, but hate its indestructibility. More and more companies are starting to focus on sustainable development, including our EBI packaging. As we cannot abandon plastic , how to reduce the use of plastic is a major ...
  • Aluminum “Aerosol”Screw Bottle

    Aluminum “Aerosol”Screw Bottle

    As an aluminum packaging supplier over 12-year, we also have some difficulties that have troubled us for many years to break through, just like following things which most clients also concerns: 1.How to reduce or eliminate the rubbing sound between aluminum screw mouth and aluminum cap? 2.Alumin...
  • Introduction of Dyeing Process of Aluminum Anodized Film

    Introduction of Dyeing Process of Aluminum Anodized Film

    Aluminum Anodizing,A process for Electrolytic oxidation, the surface of aluminum is usually transformed into an oxide film in this process. This oxide film has protective properties, decorative and some others characteristics. The useful of anodic oxidation: 1.Increase the corrosion resistance ...
  • Deodorant refill stick Packaging

    Deodorant refill stick Packaging

    Here comes Summer, It is time to sweat all around the playground, but also comes some foul smell. Deodorant sticks are the necessary product to cancel the smell, we did a search and found that the deodorant on the market are always packaged by plastic. Why we can’t use other material, How t...
  • Good News-Childproof Certification Passed

    Good News-Childproof Certification Passed

    April 1st ,2022, at this happiest day all over the year, our CR Aluminum Tube passed childproof certification of US 16 CFR 1700.20.   Why Do We Need Child Resistant Packaging? Every year toddlers and young children are hospitalised or die through the ingestion of pharmaceutical and chemical...
  • Plastic Free Aluminum Tubes

    Plastic Free Aluminum Tubes

    For the pure aluminum tubes, are you facing the problem that the aluminum thread can’t be sealed by aluminum foil, or it can be aluminum sealed mouth but you don’t have a tool to open it? Or it can be plastic on-sert top, but it is not environment protection and sustainable?  More and...
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